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"When you find yourself in life’s final moments, looking back, what do you want to see in your mind’s eye? Those are the very things you should be attempting to do right now. We’re not guaranteed another day or another chance. Therefore, we must strive to excel every day. Engage life, don't survive it."
-Wandering Earl, How to Live a Life of Travel

This is a quote from a man I admire and respect for the life of travel he has made for himself. Even though I don't believe I'm cut out to be a "permanent nomad" like good ol' Earl is, I do believe I would like to travel as much as possible, to get the most out of this world that I can, to contribute just as much, and to create long lasting relationships with people from other countries. It's important to understand other cultures, because in doing so, we understand a part of ourselves.

I'm aiming to keep this blog for my two short trips over the summer, but I could end up keeping it much longer than that. I don't want to be glued to technology during my travels, but I will try to take many pictures and update this blog at least every other day.

"My two short trips" include Stavanger, Norway (1 week) and Osaka, Japan (10 days). My hopes are to return to the Nordic countries for an extended period of time (specifically Iceland and Norway). I would like to improve my languages, make new friends, and experience two cultures I have admired for many years.

I don't need to tell you much about me. I can tell you that my goal is to become an ESL teacher overseas, and I would like to live in and travel to many countries all over the world. I hope you'll support me in whatever I end up doing, and wherever God decides He wants me to go!

I would also like to add that no one's real names, addresses, or photos will appear in this blog; even if you know who I'm talking about, I ask that you don't publish any information about them in the comments, please respect their privacy. Only my first name will ever be used.

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