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Osaka: Day 10

In which I realise I have a love/hate relationship with airports...and ramble.

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7 hours spent in KIX, 10 hour flight; 5 hours spent in SFO, 1 hour 50 minute flight, a mad half hour dash to my gate in DEN where I would be on a 1 hour 30 minute flight to MAF. That's a total of 12 and half hours spent at the airport and 13 hours in the air, in other words, a grand total of 25 hours I shan't regret nor get back from my travels.

I'm finally back from Osaka, Japan with pictures to show and stories to tell, and as you can guess from the post time of this article, I still haven't adjusted to being in "Midland Time" just yet. During my airport travels I realised a few things about the airports I stayed at:

  • I don't like SFO. Period. Granted it was an okay stay there (besides me crying on a bench after missing an earlier flight out by less than 10 minutes, I had had 4 hours of sleep and I was tired, I'm not an invincible traveller) I don't want to return in the future. It may be my love-hate relationship with California that prevents me from enjoying it, or the fact that the Customs guard mocked my state of residence, or it's just me.
  • I like SFO's gates better than DEN's (small, grouped, and extreme lack of seating, which the SFO United rep warned me about).
  • MAF is creepy when you arrive on the last flight of the night. It could go Jurassic Park/Zombacolypse on that place at any moment at midnight, trust me.
  • I love Passport hunting. I've learned passports come in a range of colours and the covers are just plain awesome.
  • All in all the flight from KIX to SFO was the best flight I have ever had in my life, and I regretted landing. They had a lot of up-to-date and relevant entertainment such as movies, games, TV shows, etc. I nearly got all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies watched after a couple episodes of Elementary and a quick look at Vikings and Sherlock...the two screaming babies didn't phase me at all, and I barely used any of the devices I brought with me on my carry on. Speaking of carry ons, I totally pack light enough to check a carry on bag, and I just might take my main luggage as such in the future.

and finally...

  • I LOVE TRAVELLING. I don't care if it's to a hidden part of Midland or even a different continent, I get such an adrenaline rush from the art of travelling. Every aspect of it - from meeting new people, eating new food, seeing new places, and definitely getting ripped out of your comfort zone.

I hope you know that you don't have to go out of country, state or even city to go travelling. Adventure arises where you create it - whether it's in your makeshift living room campsite or downtown skyscraper jungle. There's always something to be looked at from a new perspective, if you just open your eyes to the world around you.

People are incredible, beautiful creations. As many of you may know, I was very much an anti-people person for a long time - I still wondered at how we functioned, but in more distaste than anything.
Before my trip I had begun to see how fragile and amazing every single person in this world truly is. Travelling just cemented how fascinating this world is, how it shapes us, how wherever we come from there is a permanent print that makes us who we are. I also realised how easy it is to misinterpret a culture based on a few bad experiences, and how incredibly easy it is to make friends with someone coming from a completely different world than yourself when you're armed with just a smile and warm heart; no speech necessary.

To say God is still working in the world is an understatement. Every place I've been I see Him - He IS the world. Not in the worldly, material sense...I'm horrible with words, but I marvel at how beautiful the world and the people living here are. We are truly blessed beyond words where we are, I just hope we don't begin to abuse that blessing as the world dips into more and more chaos each day. Just remember that in every city, every village, town, country and what have you, there is a person who is just like you. They laugh, and smile, and experience joy. They also cry, and feel anger, and experience the same amount of pain as you do when terrible things happen. Just because they are from a different culture or country doesn't mean they're an alien. Try to remember in good times and bad that people are the same all over the world with differences that should be celebrated, but I'll save that for a future post.

It's good to be back...now on to the next place!

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That was a beautiful wrap-up post. It seems that you've felt like you've grown a lot as a person through your travels, which is in itself something truly beautiful. I'm so glad you had such great opportunities and experiences, Prussia. May the future bring you even more!

by Daniel Howard

Thanks a lot for the kind words, Wales! I hope to continue to grow out of all the experiences I will have in my future travels, as well as here in Midland. May the future bring us all an opportunity to make a difference and achieve our goals!

by Kacey's Travels

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